On-Target Strategic Planning
Developing and implementing marketing and communications programs involving branding and corporate image development, partnership development, product launches, trade show and special event planning, media relations, community relations, cause-related marketing, and issues management.

Strategic Partnership Development
Developing strategic partnerships with such organizations as the National Restaurant Association, the American Culinary Federation, the American Diabetes Association and others that enhance the value of client initiatives, protect them from interlopers, and position clients as thought leaders on important issues.

Marketing Communications
Developing consistent messaging and communications vehicles to reach the client′s target audiences with powerful, yet elegantly simple, language that motivates purchase, shapes opinion, and moves them to take action. Managing development of such communication vehicles as advertising, print collateral, direct marketing, website development, social media, and more.

Proactive Media Relations
Developing media campaigns for clients targeted to both consumer and trade media. Some significant national consumer placements have included CNN, Associated Press, Good Morning America, Today, USA Today, Time, Business Week, Forbes, U.S. News & World Reports, Woman′s Day, and Family Circle.

Focused Product Launches
Developing and implementing product launches that attract attention and create buzz. Examples include a PBS culinary television series; a consumer culinary education program; and consumer product launches for everything from nutritional supplements and food products to electronic hand tools and toys.

Events That Sizzle
Developing and implementing impactful events such as multiple-day conventions; trade shows; national and regional news conferences; media tours; charity fund-raising events; and grand openings that meet strategic objectives.

Comprehensive Issues & Crisis Management
Auditing relevant issues, planning and implementing proactive programs that allow clients to anticipate and defend against emerging challenges. Quickly assessing crises and implementing action plans to mitigate damage to the organization and its reputation. My experience has encompassed situations ranging from a Greenpeace initiative protesting PVC in toys and an attack on the efficacy and safety of a nutraceutical product to murder in the workplace and rumors of a company′s financial instability just prior to its initial public offering.

Consensus-Building Community Relations & Public Affairs
Assessing the situation, identifying stakeholders, establishing the case and developing communications programs that build consensus and acceptance among decision-makers, influencers and community residents for commercial/residential developments and other community and regional initiatives.

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