My Values

The Agency Conundrum

With more than two decades of diverse public relations experience, I established Railing & Associates in 1998 to fulfill a need by companies for top-quality public relations expertise at a reasonable cost. Over the years, as business has become "leaner and meaner," both human and financial resources have been stretched to the breaking point.

Yet public relations agencies haven´t always been able to provide an effective and affordable solution. Many business people say that all too often they are pitched by senior strategists, but once the account is landed, the work is delegated to juniors who can't fulfill the agency promise or produce results consistent with the investment.

The Solution

In essence, the agency acts as a high-cost middleman between the client and the public relations counselor. A virtual agency comprised completely of senior-level counselors, Railing & Associates removes that middleman to our mutual benefit. Without the overhead of an expensive office and staff, my firm can provide top-notch senior counsel at rates far more cost-effectively.

We provide personalized service from strategic planning to all facets of implementation and evaluation. What you see is what you get! Moreover, because we're all small businesspeople ourselves, we respect your budget constraints and the need to optimize your investment. My name is our brand and our company's success depends on meeting your objectives

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